Orange Anime Movie Update, Watch New Trailer: What?s in Store for Kakeru, Naho and Suwa?

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Orange Anime Movie

During the emotional finale of Orange Anime series, it was announced that a movie sequel is coming out this month. Recently, a full trailer for Orange: Future began streaming on their official website.

As reported by AnimeNewsNetwork, the new trailer features ?one more future revealed? and ?one regret?. The film?s story follows ?what happened afterwards that no one knows yet.? To make you fall in love more with the movie, new footage can be seen on the new trailer. The trailer is accompanied by the film?s theme song ?Mirai? by Kobukuro. See trailer below.

The final episode of Orange anime series was an emotional roller coaster ride. Leaving us with a promise of happiness for Kakeru and his future. It was almost a perfect ending. When the main characters finally found contentment, knowing that they, in some alternate time and space, were able to save Kakeru, all was well. It meant that there existed a world where he is happy. Could this be the movie?s plot? Are we going to see Kakeru?s future?

The Plot

Reports say that the plot will be about Suwa?s feelings. In the new timeline, he gives way for Kakeru and Naho to be together. ?From that day, I always wanted to show these two this future?

Orange anime movie will surely show a future of Suwa?s one sided love for Naho. ?And the story will show the pains of having to support the relationship of his two friends. Expect to see some of the best scenes from the TV anime combined with Takano Ichigo?s supposedly written material for the final episode.

Orange Anime Movie

?The newly written episode is actually something I thought up for the final episode when I wrote the episode 1 but since I wanted to write the story from Suwa?s view, I wasn?t able to use it for the final episode.? ? Takano Ichigo

See trailer here:

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