Optimize your weight loss journey and welcome the healthier you using this full-body vibration device

This machine works anywhere, and regardless of your sporting abilities

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People are fond of making excuses, especially when doing something physically draining. Most of them don’t have the time or enough pieces of equipment, and many other reasons you could ever name. However, this issue should not plague your routine and block your way to living healthier. Look for something that will work for you no matter your schedule and resources.

It’s time to burn your fats the convenient way! Meet FlexiSpot, your ultimate tool for fitness.

What is FlexiSpot?

FlexiSpot’s VB1 Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is a piece of user-friendly equipment that hastens your weight loss process in the most innovative way. Unlike other home fitness tools that make you use your body mechanics, this machine will only make you stand over it in one corner. It also comes with loop bands that will help you tone and strengthen your body.

How does it work?

VB1 executes full-body vibration that stimulates muscle contractions and sets you ready for the rest of your workout stages. Not only does it encourage fat loss, but it also increases your bones’ density and reduces stress levels on your joints. Plus, it increases your metabolism, helping you become more efficient with your diet.

What benefits can I get from this?

+ Boost Metabolism
+ Decrease Stress
+ Improve Blood Circulation
+ Increase Strength

Is this convenient to use?

Absolutely! FlexiSpot comes with the following features that will make your fat-trimming process smooth but efficient.

+ User-friendly Display
+ 1-99 Level Adjustable Speed
+ Anti-Slip Rubber
+ Therapeutic Vibrations

Does it work with beginners?

There’s no need to worry if you started with nothing but motivation. This machine works with everyone, may it be a fitness enthusiast or a casual health-conscious individual. Take it anywhere you like, and start losing weight.