Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Sexual Abuse With Tracy Grimshaw Ahead Of Australian Tour

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One of the most popular hosts on Television, Oprah Winfrey, was recently on Tracy Grimshaw?s show, A Current Affair, where she opened her heart out and spoke about very personal issues ahead of her Australian speaking tour in December.

According to a report by Sydney Morning Herald, Oprah spoke about being sexually harassed as a kid, being called poppy and more. She said, ?I used to be put off by being called a tall poppy, And now, I am a very bright tall poppy.?

Talking about the sexual abuse she said, ?I was sexually harassed but I knew if I did anything about it or said anything about it that I would never work in television again. Today, nobody could get away with it but I knew that if I’d have said anything about it I’d have been crushed. I just sensed that the moment is not right.?

Not only did she speak about being abused, she also spoke about getting pregnant at the age of 14. ?The only reason I didn?t kill myself when I was pregnant, the only reason ? I actually thought about it and a couple of times I [attempted self-harm] ? there was a part of me that always knew I was going to be okay,? reported The New Daily.

There is no doubt that Oprah is an inspiration to millions of people out there. In spite of going through so much in her personal life, she has made a mark for herself as one of the most sought after television hosts. She said, ?I said in the beginning of the very first show: I want other people who are watching to know that whatever you are going through, you are not alone.?

She even spoke about her tour and said, ?This tour really is about sharing my life story with what I have been through and how I’ve come to actualise being able to live the best life for myself and hopefully help other people to do it for themselves,?

Oprah Winfrey is touring Australia nationally as part of her ‘An Evening With Oprah’ tour in early December. Tickets are available through Ticketek, reported 9 News.


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