Oprah Trump Comments Irk Hollywood Celebrities; Queen of Talk Shunned?

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Oprah Trump comments

When President-Elect Donald Trump met President Obama last week, Oprah tweeted their meeting photo with a caption ?Everybody take a deep breath! Hope lives.? Before tweeting, she wasn?t expecting that her tweet will go horribly wrong.

Although the celebrity was looking at the bright side of the meeting, the bright side did not go so well with her fans. Celebrities have even turned against Winfrey as she expressed hope in the wake of the election. And now she is admitting her mistake.

Hollywood Celebrities Outraged Against Oprah

Hollywood celebrities are taking a dramatic outrage on her tweet that described hope for the future president. Then came a series of tweets from many other celebrities to slam the TV anchor about her terrible mistake.

Actor Patton Oswalt, who is an outspoken Clinton supporter stated ?Oprah what the f***? This is not one of my favorite things.?

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Heather Matarazzo even expressed her disappointment by tweeting, ?Oprah, you can take a deep breath and hold it while the rest of us literally fight for our lives right now.?

Grace and Frankie also urged Winfrey not to ?normalize Trump? as minority children are already being targeted by the elected president.

Scott Weinberg stated that he used to have a great respect for Oprah while comedian John added ?Don?t you dare Oprah.?

It seems that the TV anchor is in big trouble after expressing her hope for the elected president.

Oprah?s Favor for the President

While contacted by the media, she stated that she didn?t mean to hurt anyone?s feelings, but seeing President Obama and President-elect Trump together had given her hope. She even said that liking Hillary is not necessary to vote her and not to vote Republican.

She expressed that many are protesting against the result and not coming forward to urge people to accept it. Her tweet is a way to reunite the country and nothing else. ?She said it was her mistake to tweet about the fact that will be a truth in her perspective.

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