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Opera Built-in AdBlocker

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Lately, mobile ad blocking is the talk of the town, however, this is not something new on the desktop. Other desktop browsers have been using plugins, but Opera is planning to change this. With the latest developer release, the company has introduced a built-in ad blocker in the desktop browser app.

Opera claims that blocking ads can boost the speed by 90 percent and by using a built-in ad blocker would be more efficient rather than a third-party plugin. With the latest addition, the company is said to achieve more speed on top of it, notes Tech Crunch. According to Opera, the browser loads sites 40 percent faster as compared to third-party solutions.

This move comes as a surprise as Opera itself owns an online advertising firm. Recently, the company was acquired by a Chinese firm, and it argues that the move has been taken in the interest of the users and improves the web-surfing experience.

?Advertising fuels the internet, allowing for many services to be free for users. But, as our new research shows, most web pages today are significantly slowed down by bloated ads and heavy tracking. We don?t accept it ? we want the web to be a better place for us all, as users,? says Krystian Kolondra, who is an SVP of Engineering and Head of Opera for computers.

Similar to other third-party blockers, Opera allows its users to create its own whitelists for their sites where you can allow ads to appear.

Opera has also included a unique feature which allows you to compare loading time with the ad blocker turned on and off. It will also show users a running counter of the blocked ads to let you know how well it works.

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