New Opera Browser Out, Features In-Built VPN

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Opera Browser

Opera Software just released its newest version of the Opera Browser to the public yesterday. This version of the desktop browser comes with an in-built VPN to provide enhanced internet privacy and security.

In this day and age, browsing the internet comes second to none. Be it in school, the office, or even in the park, people use the internet all the time. Unfortunately, the internet is also a haven for mischievous individuals.

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A lot of people, called hackers, will try and steal information from other individuals for their own personal gain. These information can be as simple as one?s address and telephone number. Others, however, go for more valuable targets. Things like bank account numbers, passwords, and personal identification numbers or PINs are just some of their preferred data.

Once a hacker gets hold of these information, he or she can access another individual?s email accounts and, possibly, bank accounts. Armed with these information, hackers can also transfer money from a victim?s account to their own account without the victim?s knowledge.

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Opera Browser with VPN

In order to protect one?s self from these malicious attacks, the internet consortium has now started implementing a more secure version of the internet. One can verify that the website being browsed is secured when the address is preceded by ?https?. Unfortunately, this new version is still not widely implemented. In addition to this, it only offers packet encryption. This means that information exchange between a server and a client computer is encrypted by a ?password?.

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Anyone who employs ?packet sniffers? can still get a hold of the information being transmitted. This offers a certain level of protection but not the same level offered by a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

A VPN works by establishing a ?virtual? direct link between a server and a client computer. This link is also secured by a certain kind of encryption scheme. What is even more interesting with VPN is that it hides the user?s identity from everyone who uses the internet.

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The new Opera browser supports an AES-256 encryption scheme and can select the best connection based on latency, speed and traffic congestion. The VPN service is also free to use. This means no need to subscribe to monthly-paid third-party VPN services.

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