Opera Browser Update For Android Arrives, Brings In Tab Swipe Features, Security Fix, and More

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Updated Opera Browser for Android now available – Introduces swipe gesture for better tab management

On Tuesday, the mobile version of Opera Browser for Android was updated. To be specific, it?s now in its version 22.0.1485.78333. The update brings in performance improvements and new features, the best of which include the cool swipe gesture to easily switch between tabs and an improved file-download management.

According to Wikipedia, Opera is a host of web browsers working on desktop platforms such as the OS X and Microsoft Windows. Developed by Opera Software, the browser also has its mobile versions running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, Maemo, Bada, and Java ME. According to the company, their browsers have enjoyed patronage of over 350 million users as of December 2013.

Tab Management

With this updated Opera Browser for Android, tab management will become as easy as ABC, so to speak. Opera introduces a new swipe gesture feature where users can simply swipe up the tabs they want to close. If a tab is then mistakenly closed, users can just click on the menu button at the bottom of the screen. To switch between open tabs, all they need to do is swipe from the display?s sides.

Better way to resume downloads

The feature that allows users to pause and resume downloads is not entirely new to Opera. But recently, many are complaining that downloading large files often lead to crashes. With the new Opera Browser version, that issue has apparently been fixed, especially when using the browser?s Off-Road Mode.

Screenshot of the new Opera Browser for Android

Screenshot of the new Opera Browser for Android

Security update

It?s been a common industry practice to always include security improvements to new app updates, and Opera is intent on following suit. One security flaw has been addressed with this Opera Browser update ? in previous versions, Opera tends to show an incorrect URL in the address bar, which could potentially allow spoofing.

Aside from those three major updates, Opera is also citing improvements they made to their app?s Discover feature ? it now lets users swipe right to easily be directed to the next article in the category.

For a quick glance on Opera Browser for Android?s updated features, here is the official changelog from Google Play:

-????????? Fixed a stability issue

-????????? Introduced swipe gestures in tab manager

-????????? Added possibility to re-open recently closed tabs

-????????? New design for some UI elements

-????????? Improvements for Discover section

-????????? Improvements for downloads

-????????? Fixed issue with downloading bigger files

-????????? Chromium version update to 35

-????????? Various stability and usability improvements


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