Only White People Can Be Zombies

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This whole Resident Evil 5 racism card thing has gotten way out of hand. With black folks, sometimes your damned if you do and your damned if don’t. The reaction to the Resident Evil 5 trailer is not surprising, but it’s reached levels of epic nonsense.

I’ve been playing games for years. In fact, I’ve been playing video games so long, I remember walking into arcades and seeing nothing but pinball machines. I remember paying a quarter to play Pong and thinking it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Throughout my 30+ years of gaming, I’ve seen all kinds of things, but one remains prevalent to me, the lack of black representation in video games. What’s even worse is that Japanese developers would rather use Caucasian males and females as the lead characters in their games instead of Asians. The only character in the Final Fantasy roster that actually looks Asian is Tifa Lockhart and even that’s stretching it.

Sports games? Oh yeah, blacks are all over those. Sports games have real athletes in them. You can’t screw that up. What about the huge adventure games? The only black hero I can think of in the FF universe is Barret Wallace; a third string supporting character with a gatling gun for a right hand? Where are the blacks with magical powers? I remember playing that travesty of an MMO, Final Fantasy XI Online. They had Caucasian humans, Caucasian elves, furries, gerbals and grizzly looking characters all represented. There were no blacks. I spoke up about this on the FFXI forums and at least 3 people told me to go back to Africa because this isn’t the real world and there doesn’t need to be any blacks in Final Fantasy.

Along comes GTA3 San Andreas. This game is full of blacks doing what Hollywood always has us doing; killing each other, drinking alcohol and calling each other Niggers. But wait, isn’t that what happened in the critically acclaimed Boyz In The Hood? If you’ve ever spent some time in a black neighborhood, I’m sure you’d hear the word Nigger enough times to make you think it wasn’t a racial slur. Considering GTA SA was pretty much a parody of Boyz In The Hood and Colors, I had no complaints. There were however, other prominent blacks blasting the game because of how we were represented. No one blasted Boyz In The Hood though. Hmmmm…

Anytime we have blacks doing anything other than being gangsters, it’s hardly recognized. I’d go as far to say that most white folks who purchase games, movie tickets and music, prefer to see us the way Hollywood shows us and frankly, the way some of us really act.

Next up, the first trailer for Resident Evil 5. My first reaction was one of joy. All I could think of was the fact that the game taking place in Africa must mean that there’s a large supporting cast of black characters. I applauded Capcom for it. I hate Resident Evil games but honestly, this new next gen version of the series looks promising to me. There was a moment that I thought that there might be some issues with a white man gunning down a large group of black zombies. People are stupid and love dropping the race card on anything with images like what we saw in the RE5 trailer. That’s all compounded with some beautiful imagery and tons of black zombies all on the screen at once. Well I ask you naysayers this one question; if you have 30 black zombies coming at you to feast on your flesh and you’re packing a 9mm pistol, do you shoot or try to reason? I’ll take it even deeper. How many white people complained about the 100’s of white zombies that were slaughtered in all the previous RE games? What about Dead Rising? Any complaints? Nope.

So now it’s racist to portray blacks as zombies in video games. After all these years of us trying to be treated as equals, we are going 3 steps back and playing the racist card because Capcom wants to have it’s next zombie game in Africa. I just don’t get it. The way I look at it, whites, blacks, asians, indians and latinos can all be zombies. If they all end up in a game I’m playing, you can bet I’m gonna mow them all down. Isn’t that the point of video games in the first place? Aren’t we playing to entertain ourselves and escape reality? I think the black folks that are taking part in the Capcom racist card must truly believe that only white people can be zombies. My take on the whole issue? I want to see more blacks in the media. I want to see black superheroes, black villains, black lawyers, black vampires, black mages and warlocks, black warriors, blacks that want to take over the world, blacks that are represented as intelligent characters and last but very not least, black zombies.

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