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OnePlus X Specs And Price: Why It Will Change The Smartphone Landscape

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OnePlus X

During the introduction of the OnePlus a few seasons ago, the phone definitely changed the way we see smartphones. For a glorious moment, we realized that it was possible to have a power phone without the usual burden of a ridiculously expensive price tag. For $300 or so, we get ourselves a phone to be proud of.

And then OnePlus X was introduced.

For $250, we get so much than what we actually pay. Imagine a phone with the sleekness of an iPhone and power of Samsung Galaxy ? that?s how good it is. Or so we were told.

OnePlus X Specs

The OnePlus X will have a wide array of fresh design and mid-range specs. The smartphone has a 5-inch 1080p display together with a Snapdragon 801 processor, a quad-core with 2GHz, a 13-megapixel camera for the rear side and 8-megapixels in front, 3GB of RAM plus 16GB of storage. One Plus X may also have an installed NFC, ?a quick charging battery and a water-resistant build,? posted by Techno Buffalo.

The OnePlus X also has a 2.5D arc edge, much like the previously released Oppo R7s. It will have a USB Type-C connecter and likely to support 4G LTE. Buyers will also have the choice of a black or white color scheme for the smartphone.

Wired reports that it runs on OxygenOS, an operating that looks and feels like Google?s version of Android (it even uses Google apps) but is built by OnePlus from the ground up, which isn?t so much good or bad but interesting.

Beautiful Design

The specs are actually ok even if you place them in a modestly-designed body, but no. OnePlus X is a definite looker, adding value to the product.

?If you look at the specs, they are still pretty powerful specs,? says OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. ?But we have come to a time where incremental increase in clock speed doesn?t add to the user experience as much as a better camera, or much better build quality, or better design does.?

Wired further shared that it?s clear that OnePlus has focused its efforts on the latter. There?s even an extremely limited-edition ceramic version of the OnePlus X that?s literally ?fire-baked? at 2,700 degrees, for 28 hours, as part of the manufacturing process. This is more expensive at $400.

However, if you?re simply on the lookout for a decent looking phone with surprisingly powerful specs to boot, then turn your eyes on the OnePlus X.

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