OnePlus Two News: Snapdragon Causing Release Delay?

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The OnePlus Two is the second offering of OnePlus, the young upstart in a slew of bigger names and larger companies.

Don?t let that label fool you, though. The OnePlus is a phone that looks to make its entry by bringing a top phone in a quality price?a value-for-quality trade-in, if you will. The OnePlus is rumored to go toe-to-toe with the more illustrious phones to come out this year?Samsung, Sony, Apple?with only half the price of the flagships of those manufacturers. With that fact alone, the OnePlus should do well amidst the giants.

Here we take a look at the phone, and the specs of it. As per Tech Times, the phone has a lot more leaked specs than previous reports say. It seems it will feature almost the same specs as the other flagships, with a few differences, perhaps. If it?s going to do that, then it might be safe to give it a try over the other phones. Another article we?re looking at comes from Android Pit concerning a problem among phones using the Snapdragon 810 processor. As it appears, the processor doesn?t seem as snappy as their name says when it comes to manufacturing.

The OnePlus and its Specs

The OnePlus Two appears fully loaded and ready to go, as the specs suggest.

As per Tech Times, it?s got a 5.5-inch display which will go well with the resolution of 2560 x 1440; a size good enough to show the HD capabilities of the phone. Another thing about the OnePlus Two is that it also has a Snapdragon 810 processor powering it, as well as 4GB of RAM and 3,300 mAh of battery life running it. While there had been no other word concerning the price it will sell, it seems 2,699 yuan?as per Tech Times?will be its price tag.

How will the phone fare against other phones? Carl Pei, co-founder and director of global wouldn?t say anything. He only left a vague comment of the ?final product? surprising people. Well, we?ll hold you to your word, Mr. Pei.

Snapdragon 810 Troubles

Not everything is rosy for the Snapdragon 810, however.

It is unknown if every other phone carrying the processor has the same problem, but in OnePlus Two?s case, its release is being pushed back to mid-year 2015 because of ?manufacturing challenges? concerning the processor, as per Android Pit. This is certainly a curious case, and there will be questions raised, obviously, if this problem will also compound the release of other brands such as Sony and Samsung who will be using the 810 as well.

Knowing these problems, will the OnePlus Two bring their price down to a considerable one, owing to the fact that the Snapdragon is posing problems? Better yet, will OnePlus opt to go with another processor? Seeing as it?s part of the unofficial specs already, OnePlus Two might go ahead and wait up on the improvements to the processor.

Careful Arrival

The OnePlus Two is certainly expected to exceed expectations, owing to the big targets that they have?bigger companies like Sony, Samsung, and Apple. China will undoubtedly throw their full support behind the local OnePlus Two, but what of the international market? Until it releases in the middle of 2015, we can only speculate on how the OnePlus Two will fare.


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