OnePlus One Received Android Marshmallow Update: How To Update?

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OnePlus One received Android Marshmallow update by Dirty Unicorns custom ROM. This update will add more features to the phone.

How To Install Dirty Unicorns Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow custom ROM?

According to Android Team, the user has to back up all his data. Because after installing Android Marshmallow, the phone will not be having any old files in it. So, you are advised to store your valuable data in a better place before heading towards Android Marshmallow update. If your phone is not getting connected to the computer, activate the USB debugging mode. Android Marshmallow update takes time. Make sure that your phone has enough battery. If it goes off when the update is going on, it may damage the phone.

Lawyer Herald has given the steps to install Android Marshmallow on your OnePlus One,

  1. ???You must download Android 6.0.1 Dirty Unicorn ROM and Google Apps on your computer
  2. ???Connect your OnePlus One phone to PC through USB cord
  3. ???Transfer the Android Marshmallow and Google Apps files to the phone
  4. ???Turn off the device and disconnect it from the computer
  5. ???Turn on the recovery mode. You have to press volume up, home and power buttons.
  6. ???Now you to delete phone data and select ?Swipe to Factory Reset?
  7. ???Move towards Main Menu and tap on ?Install?. Now you have to select the copied ZIP file
  8. ???Tap on ?Swipe to Confirm Flash?
  9. ???Now the installation will begin and you must wait
  10. ???Select ?Reboot System?
  11. ???Now go back to ?Settings? and check out whether new software version is available

Benefits Of ?Android Marshmallow Update

International Business Times says, Android Marshmallow custom ROM will enrich the user experience. After updating, you will find a Doze power saving feature, ?Now On Tap? for search, international language and other wonderful elements. ??

You can also wait for the official update information by OnePlus about Android Marshmallow.

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