OnePlus One Gets Delayed Due to Bugs. Buyers Need To Wait For Software Update Needed For CyanogenMod Powered OnePlus One

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OnePlus One Gets Delayed Due to Bugs. Buyers Need To Wait For Software Update Needed For CyanogenMod powered OnePlus One.

The much awaited ?Flagship Killer? won’t be arriving as scheduled, due to reported bugs in its operating system. This means that the few hundred customers who had the chance to pre-order the phone, would have to wait until a vital software update is implemented.

The OnePlus One, a CyanogenMod run smartphone, was, and still is, creating a lot of hype, as the smartphone to topple the hold of the iPhone 5s,Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, and the Nexus 5. (For earlier reports on the OnePlus One, scroll down for the links at the end of this report). With the reported bugs in its OS, the five-way matchup will have to wait for a while.

Those who were able to pre-order the device received an email from the company recently, stating that the first batch of OnePlus One smartphones would be delayed because of a needed ?major software? update and that OnePlus is ?still working on perfecting some final issues.?

The head moderator of the CyanogenMod, @ciwrl (who also describes himself on Twitter as ?Nerd. General Tech Geek?), posted on Reddit that the software update issues are related to the recent vulnerabilities of openSSL. He stated that the developers of CyanogenMod wanted the initial batch of OnePlus One handsets to already contain the fix.

@ciwrl added that ?A new release means the whole firmware needs to be re-certified (including QA time), but we believe the security benefits outweigh the delay. So yes, there was a new build issued at fairly last minute, but it wasn’t due to missing set deadlines or expectations.?

Despite the delay, tech analysts have high hopes that the OnePlus One would give the iPhone 5s, Nexus 5, HTC One, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 some serious competition. This is a major development in the mobile industry, as it would be the first major contender from China, to challenge the American, Taiwanese, and Korean flagship phones.

The OnePlus One boasts of premium specs that include a large 5.5 inch screen, a 13 MP camera, a quad-core processor, and LTE.

The device was originally scheduled to be in the market by this month, so the delay in the pre-order shipments would probably mean, that the availability in retail stores and carriers would also be delayed. The company, as of this writing, has not given any additional information on when the initial units would be shipped, but we will continue to monitor the developments and give you the latest news on the release of the OnePlus One.

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