OnePlus Employs Emily Ratajkowski To Explain Dash Charge

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On the previous episode of OnePlus Marketing Extravagance, the company unboxed their flagship device called OnePlus 3T. The high-profile smartphone maker didn?t just unbox it, they did it in a fighter jet. Apparently, they came up with another idea as to how will they explain one of their cool innovation.

Emily Ratajkowski Explains OnePlus? Dash Charge

The high-end smartphone maker is back with an extremely informative video representation for their Dash Charge technology. The company has taken the less extreme way of explaining one of their important innovation. As can be seen in the video below, the American model-actress Emily Ratajkowski explains how Dash Charge differs from normal charging.

Within just two minutes, Ratajkowski efficiently explained the advantages of lower-voltage fast charging. This technology is made possible thanks to a higher amperage and a more robust cable. In the video, it explains that Qualcomm?s Quick Charge solution is not as good as Dash Charge.

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Quick Charge varies the voltage which depends on the smartphone?s temperature, as well as battery percentage. While it does have its own advantages, it also generates an unwanted heat inside the smartphone. Hence, it reduces the efficiency of the charging process, as some of the energy is lost in the process.

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OnePlus 3T/3

People who are looking for a solid smartphone should definitely check out the 3T. The smartphone has a good camera, fast, reliable and smooth software. In addition, it also sports excellent hardware specifications, which will surely please the mobile enthusiast out there.

And compared to the previous smartphone release from the company, it is finally sold without an invite. 3 and 3T are really aiming to be the top-end phones accompanied by prices that are almost seemed too low. Hence, OnePlus 3T/3 is definitely a good choice for the people who are looking for a great, affordable and high-end Android phone.

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