OnePlus 5 Supposed Release and Price Revealed

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OnePlus 5 price and release date revealed

OnePlus, over the years, have gain much popularity to actually become a household name. Right now, many Android users have tagged the brand as “flagship killer.” This is due to the fact that the company has released flagship-specced devices at a fraction of the price. Now, rumor has it that the upcoming OnePlus 5 is coming pretty soon with a price still below most flagships in the market.

According to The Verge, OnePlus is due to release the OnePlus 5 in the next couple of months. Furthermore, as expected, the phone will feature a dual camera setup and high-end specs. Unfortunately, the exact date of the release for the phone has not been revealed yet. However, fans of the brand will be pleased to know that they might be getting the new model right at the start of summer.

On another note, for those looking at how much the OnePlus 5 will be, you are in luck. It seems that the guys from GearBest and GeekBuying do have something to say about the upcoming Android phone.

OnePlus 5 price and release date revealed

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According to both websites, the next generation OnePlus flagship killer will be priced at around $450. It should be noted that while this price is considerably higher than the previous model, it is still way below the price of other flagship brands of the same caliber.

If rumors pan out to be true, the OnePlus 5 will be the second Android mobile device not made by Samsung  to carry the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. The first one is the Sony XZ Premium which is due to release on June 1.

Other worthy mentions about the upcoming OnePlus phone is the QHD AMOLED display and the massive 4,000mAh lithium-ion battery. Of course, to complement the sufficient battery capacity, the OnePlus 5 will also feature the company’s proprietary Dash Charge technology. This will enable support for fast charging as well as wireless charging on the phone. For more updates on the OnePlus 5, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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