OnePlus 5 Price Leaked Ahead of June 15 Launch

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OnePlus 5 price leaked days before the supposed launch

Perhaps another highly anticipated product launch expected this month is the OnePlus 5 Android smartphone. The phone, which has been dubbed the “flagship killer,” is said to be announced on June 15. On top of that, a market analyst has something to say about the OnePlus 5 pricing.

According to analyst Pan Jiutang, consumers expecting to get their hands on the latest flagship killer should expect to pay more for it. Juicing claims that the OnePlus 5 will be a bit more expensive than the current offering, the OnePlus 3T. In the analyst’s report, the new OnePlus phone is expected to fetch around $440 on its release. This is considerably higher than the starting price for the OnePlus 3T.

In retrospect, the price increase reflects much of the added features of the phone. One of the newest feature is the support for dual rear camera sensors as well as the high-end ARM SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 835. Since these components do not actually come cheap, it is only fitting that the new phone will get its much needed price increase.

OnePlus 5 price leaked days before the supposed launch

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On the other hand, the rumored price is still more affordable than mainstream flagship phones in the market. Most Android smartphones in the market with the same hardware specification can easily cost more than $600. Pricing the OnePlus 5 at a mere $440, or $450 for that matter, is still reasonable.

Of course, one should note that this price is based on market research done by the analyst. Consumers should not expect this prediction to be 100 percent accurate. However, it can be assumed that the predicted price is right around the ballpark of what the OnePlus 5 would be priced.

As mentioned, the phone will be launched on June 15. As for the venue of the said event, the leaked event poster suggest that it will be held at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center at 3pm local time or 7am GMT.

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