OnePlus 5 Price, Release, Specs: Phone Might Still Have Front-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner/Home Button Combo

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OnePlus CEO confirms OnePlus 5 processor and fingerprint sensor location

OnePlus has been gaining so much popularity lately. More and more online news channels are covering its upcoming flagship killer. The OnePlus 5, a follow up to the mildly successful OnePlus 3T, is expected to be release in the next couple of months. While fans are still arguing about what features it might include, it seems like the company’s CEO has already made a few references about the phone. Chief of which is the fingerprint scanner and home button.

According to a post on popular Chinese micro-blogging website Weibo, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the fingerprint sensor for the OnePlus 5 will be front-mounted. This also means that it will be integrated with the home button just like the previous iterations.

In retrospect, it is actually not a surprise anymore to hear that the phone’s fingerprint scanner is mounted at the front. A series of images renders for the phone can corroborate the fact that no version of it showed a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus CEO confirms OnePlus 5 processor and fingerprint sensor location

OnePlus 5 render image (via

On other news, it seems like OnePlus has finally confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip. Again, the confirmation came from the company’s CEO. Lau has confirmed the rumours from the company’s very own forum.

In the said forum, the CEO also confirmed that the company is also working the phone’s user experience. This is done by lessening the touch latency of the display.

It looks like OnePlus is getting closer to finally releasing its next flagship killer. The company has already confirmed that the launch might happen this summer. Therefore, we expect it will be between June and July.

Unfortunately, the company would still need to clarify the rumors that the new phone will not come cheap. Its current model, the OnePlus 3T, is priced at $450. This is a considerable price increase since its predecessor costed only $399. Rumor has it that the upcoming phone will cost as much as $650 when released.

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