OnePlus 3 Gold Version Releasing in July?

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OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Gold Version Releasing in July?


The OnePlus 3 has received raving reviews, with many tech insiders lauding it for being the best ?Flagship Killer? yet. The company which rose to prominence over the past several years has been the gold standard for high-end yet inexpensive smartphones and now it is just apropos that it will be releasing a Gold variation for its upcoming flagship phone.

Gold has always been a symbol for prominence and prestige, so it is no wonder the company planned to have the OnePlus 3 released in a soft gold as an alternative color to graphite. Trusted Reviews reports that OnePlus has confirmed a ?Soft Gold? variant of the OnePlus 3. This ?will go on sale in the second half of July.

At the moment, the only color variant available in the market is the Graphite color and that may be a tad unappealing to some. Although there are a range of cases available, including: Bamboo, Karbon, Black Apricot, Rosewood, and Sandstone a ?gold? colored OnePlus 3 will definitely make it more luxurious.

Android Authority featured the flagship killer by giving the breakdown of its specs. According to the report, the OnePlus 3 sports a gorgeous 5.5-inch 1080p display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. It likewise has a massive 3,000mAh battery, 6GB of RAM as well as a powerful 16MP rear camera. With the combination of these specs, the OnePlus 3 surely is a high-end smartphone jampacked in a pretty affordable package.

The device likewise has a 64GB of internal storage ?which gives a lot of room but unfortunately his is not expandable. ?It hosts an OxygenOS, which is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow as the featured operating system and the device also has all the sensors that can be expected from a modern flagship devices including a fingerprint reader.

The confirmed launch will leave the consumers with more choices. If you haven?t bought one then you might as well wait for the launch of the soft gold, it is simplicity and elegance at your fingertips.

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