OneNote for iPhone and Mac get an update to address customers? requests

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To address some of the top and immediate requests from customers, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing significant updates to OneNote for iPhone and OneNote for Mac to deliver an improved experience on Apple devices.

OneNote for iPhone update

The updated version of OneNote for iPhone will give Apple fans three (3) major enhancements which include the following:

The update detaches OneNote for iPhone from the desktop with the power to create new notebooks and sections. This updated means that Apple iPhone users can now create a new notebook, share it, and get on the same page?all from the convenience of an iPhone.

Another feature is the Office Lens incorporated with OneNote which has the ability to turn users iPhone into a pocket scanner. With this, users can take pictures of things, then have it enhanced with the help of Office Lens. Users can trim, enhance and make pictures more readable. Best thing about this Office Lens is that, all images will be automatically synced into the users OneNote. Moreover, if the image includes printed text, OneNote can recognize the text with optical character recognition (OCR). This way, users can now search for words in the image.

Microsoft redesigned the OneNote for iOS 7. The Office Team said that they have added a sections and pages view for easier use.

OneNote for Mac update

After a month from its official release, OneNote for Mac became one of the most popular free productivity apps for Mac. So, here?s what Microsoft got to make OneNote for Mac even better:

Microsoft Office Team has added the following features/enhancements to OneNote for Mac: Print notes, Drag and drop images, Format Painter, Copy and paste formatted content, and Hyperlinks.

Print notes will allow users to print lecture notes, travel itineraries or recipes, and in addition, users can save the page as a PDF file through the Print dialog.

With the updated OneNote, users can easily drag and drop images into the OneNote. Additionally, it has image formatting tools so users can easily resize, restore or rotate (and more) pictures as desired.

Format Painter is a handy tool that allows same text formatting throughout the users’ notes easily.

With the copy and paste formatted content features, users can easily capture rich content and have it copy-pasted into the notes.

Hyperlinks, on the other hand, will allow users to keep their notes organized simply by adding a display name for links in your notes.

With all these updates, Microsoft Office Team Jevon Fark said, ?We believe you should be able to capture thoughts, ideas, and to-do?s wherever you are, and on whatever device you have at your fingertips?for free. That is why we made OneNote for iPhone and iPad, and just recently, OneNote for Mac. And now, we are releasing significant updates to OneNote for iPhone and OneNote for Mac to deliver an improved experience on Apple devices.?

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