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OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1 Allows Auto Upload of High-Res Photos

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Microsoft has introduced a couple of new photo-related features for OneDrive so that you?ll enjoy your photos on Xbox One, on Windows Phone, and at

?OneDrive aspires to be the one place where you store everything in your life, including all of your photos, and we?ve been working hard to make that experience even better. Today we have three updates that will make it easier for you to enjoy your photos on Xbox One, on Windows Phone, and at,? Douglas Pearce, Group Program Manager of OneDrive,wrote in the official blog post from Microsoft.


OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1 update allows an auto upload of high-resolution photos. Isn?t it great news everyone?

This means, your high-res photos are automatically backed up to OneDrive. So you can have access to them wherever you go.


XBOX ONE – New photo views on OneDrive

With OneDrive for Xbox, you can view and enjoy your photos and videos right from your TV screen without the need of an Xbox Live Gold Subscription just to use the feature. You can avail of it in your console soon as part of the June Update.

Aside from this, Microsoft made it easier and faster for you to see the photos you?re looking for. ?As soon as you say, ?Xbox, Go to OneDrive? and launch the app, you?ll see your most recent photos? so you can sit back and relive your memories.



One great news for US customers as OneDrive allows photo printing now with

You can print your photos simply by selecting the photos you want on, click Manage, and then choose Order Prints. You can specify the size and quantity. And one more good thing is that they?ll be ready for pickup from your local Walgreens in about an hour. Walgreens is offering a 25% discount on all orders from OneDrive as part of the update.

?We?re excited to bring these updates to you, and we are committed to making OneDrive the best place to store and manage your photos,? Pearce wrote.

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