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One way of getting caffeinated is through this world-renowned matcha powder

Whisk up your own matcha drink for a perfect jolt of energy!

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While coffee is the best booster fix, sometimes I wish to drink something different but still get all its benefits minus the jitters and palpitations. But, if you want to cut off your caffeine intake, there are other alternatives. Our favorite is this matcha drink from Matchabar.

Matchabars ceremonial grade matcha powder is developed by brothers Max and Graham in 2014. The super nutrient-rich green tea powder from Matchabar not only jumpstart your mornings but also boosts your immune system. Matcha is a powerful plant high in antioxidants, but unlike coffee that shows its prowess by force, matcha is gentle and with no crash and jitters.

MatchaBar recognizes that coffee lovers also love the slow, calming process of making coffee, so they also offer a starter kit — a box that has an electric whisk, matcha powder, and a teaspoon. You can make your matcha drink at your convenience, whether at home or in the office. This powder is delicious enough, even if you are not an expert in mixing matcha drinks.

Because this simple powder drink does wonders, it gained much traction and even got 4.9 ratings out of three thousand reviews in their amazon store over the years.

While their matcha powder gained popularity, Max and Graham thought of creating a cafe to offer their healthy, sustainable plant-based matcha drink to the people who do not have time to mix their matcha. The cafe and the powder drinks are a hit! But the brand is not stopping to reinvent drinks anytime soon. With the help of celebrities like Ansel Elgort, Billie Eilish, and Diplo, MatchaBar launched their Matcha Hustle Energy Drink.

Why drink matcha?

According to Matchabar, the answer is simple — drinking their Matcha powder drink is like getting the nutrients of 10 cups of green tea in one serving. Matcha green tea leaves are grown in the shade and trimmed young, at their most nutrient-dense stage. Then, they are stone-ground into a powder whisked into water. So when you drink matcha, you may not realize this, but you are eating actual green tea leaves.

Many health professionals will tell you green tea is one of the healthiest things you can drink. But regular green teas are packed in tea bags. What you are drinking is just extract from the green tea leaves. With MatchaBar’s matcha powder drink, you get to drink the real tea because it is a finely ground powder made from whole green tea leaves, containing 10X the nutrients and antioxidants of regular steeped tea or coffee.

We love coffee and the best part is, it’s almost available everywhere. But drinking too much of it has its downside. If you want to cut your caffeine, you can try different alternatives that will still give you the same effect as coffee without actually drinking it — like the Matcha Powder Drink.


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