One Punch Man: Why Even Non-Anime Lovers Shouldn?t Miss It

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Anime has been really popular since the early ?90s and early ?00s, it seemed like Japanese animation ruled the world. Anime like Cowboy Bebop and Sailormoon took the stage in its early years and captured quite the attention from the older generation now (We used to be kids back then if you don?t remember. However, in the surface we also have the famous Marvel and DC, which became popular at this point as well. All these animated cartoons (or anime if you want to be anal about it) became the foundation of what adults and young kids alike watch in the present. We do have people who don?t watch anime at all, but why are we implying that you should watch One Punch Man?

OPM is very, very short! It?s only 12 episodes, which is to be honest, one hell of a 12 episode anime. It?s a show about Saitama, a man so ridiculously strong can defeat any opponent with a single punch. You might say he is incredibly OP (Overpowered) or OPM (Overpowered Man). You can just look at the guy and really say how incredibly unappealing he is as a main protagonist. He is a bald man in a yellow superhero suit, and red gloves. He is very strong though as a result of his rigorous training (his routine is possible to do but getting to that level is just plain impossible). He is immature and acts like a kid most of the time. His decisions are not always the best but he has saved his City a lot of times but doesn?t get credit from it.

He is not lazy, but he seems uninterested in everything. His expression is mostly blank and lifeless even when he is fighting. He doesn?t even take his fights seriously, not because he is overconfident but because he knows most of the time he will win by one punch anyway (pretty much what happens 99% of the time until he meets B****). A good part of his dialogue would be acting really bored talking with monsters and all his strength definitely wasted as he doesn?t even use at least 30% of it all the time.

So why is the caped baldy so popular? Why should you watch it? It?s an incredible 12-episode anime. If you don?t want to spend countless weeks to watch a 500+ episode anime (Yes we are talking about Naruto and One Piece) then this would be perfect for you. It is an easy sell and the season is short so it is similar to how Americans are accustomed to. It also features great animation! The fight scenes are incredibly beautiful; fast-paced, good looking effects, rougher penciled lines and slow motion for some dramatic effect. Madhouse totally went overboard in this one and you?ll love it!

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