One Punch Man Season 2: Why You Should Be Hyped

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One Punch Man has been a massive success since it premiered in Japanese television in September 2015. Fans should be hyped now that One Punch Man Season 2 is reportedly airing soon.

One Punch Man Season 2 Rumored 2016 Release

There is no official announcement of One Punch Man Season 2 yet, but MRN claims that the debut window for the sophomore run of the anime adaptation of ONE and Yusuke Murata’s manga is in November 2016. Time flies so fast, so before avid fans know it, it?s ?D-Day? already.

Great Fight Scenes

Since nothing seems to be stopping One Punch Man Season 2, what are the things that fans should be hyped about? Obviously, the anime series gets better and better as the villains also get meaner and stronger.

Take a look at the last episode of One Punch Man Season 1. Lord Boros and Saitama?s battle were truly bad*ss! Remember how they destroyed the massive battleship, and then as their fight intensified, they extended their destruction to the moon? Definitely, there will be more of that kind of fight or even better in Season 2 of the show.

Humorous Scenes

However, it is not only the fight scenes that fans should be hyped about, as the comical side of the anime is also something to look forward to. An outstanding humorous scene in the anime was in the 12th episode, where Saitama was trying to know how much strength he needed to get back to earth. He tossed up a rock to determine the gravity.

Most Powerful Villain

Crossmap also mentioned that the new arc that ONE and Yusuke Murata are now working on for the One Punch Man season 2 is also interesting. The report says that ?the Hero Hunter Arc will be about the most powerful villain the series so far, Garou.?

How about you? Can you share the things you?re looking forward to in One Punch Man Season 2?

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