One Punch Man Season 2 Updates: Series Won?t Be Released This Year?

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Almost half a year since the first season ended, One Punch Man Season 2 is yet to reveal its final release date. And fans are more than excited to know how long they have to wait for the second installment of the hit anime series. The first season concluded last December 2015.

According to a report of Movie News Guide, there are two rumors about the possible date of release of the second installment: the reports saying it will be launched this year and the speculations that it might be happening probably next year. ?While most of you would like to believe the first option, many are convinced that the second one is the most feasible answer.

Some fans firmly believe that it will be aired sometime this year. This after the official Twitter account of One Punch Man posted two months ago that the second installment will be streamed later this year. The tweet said: ?One Punch Man no doubt will come to Toonami. Probably by the end of year.?

However, despite the said tweet, many are still not convinced that it will materialize any time soon. These people are seeing the release of the show next year, stressing that no reports with confirmed details about its progress have circulated.

It should be remembered that the anime series is an adaptation by Madhouse of a web comic series. The story of the anime revolves around the lead character Saitama, who happens to be a very dexterous fighter that is capable of thrashing strong opponents with just a punch hence, the title.

It must be remembered that during the pilot season, Saitama was able to overpower his strongest foe, Lord Boros. This was even after Boros? usage of a strong technique known as Collapsing Star, Roaring Cannon. We have previously reported that the antagonist will be returning in the second season. But he is expected to be tougher and stronger than before.

While the audience might be thinking that Lord Boros had already died after the match, One Punch Man Season 2 will just prove that he is no ordinary opponent as he is capable of healing himself and that he possesses regenerative powers. It is expected that once the two meet again, Saitama will be having difficulty defeating the former.

We have also revealed other possible opponents of Saitama in the second season. These characters are being rumored to be the strongest the lead character will ever face. The former student of Fang-an, Garou, will be appearing in the show and will give Saitama a good fight.

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