One Punch Man Season 2 Updates: October Release Date and Saitama?s New Enemies

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One Punch Man Season 2
One Punch Man by Yusuke Murata

The anime series One Punch Man, which first aired last October 2015 and ended December of the same year, has gotten fans reeling and asking, ?Can?t One Punch Man Season 2 come any sooner?? Season 1 had ended with Saitama going at it with Lord Boros in an excitingly wild and destructive battle. Saitama was thrown into the moon and had to ?serious serious punch? Lord Boros to defeat him. The fast-paced fight scenes in this 24-minute finale episode: The Strongest Hero, had fans gasping for one more ?puuuuuuuuunchhh!!?

Since OPM creator Yusuke Murata has been preoccupied with other anime projects, rumors surfaced that?the October release of OPM might be canceled. Does this mean that fans will need to wait until 2017 before seeing Saitama and the rest of the gang? Not?anymore! Great news from?Toonami!?“One Punch Man” Season 1 English Dub is to air on July 16, 2016, while “One Punch Man” Season 2 will be released this coming October 2016, ending months of speculations regarding OPM?s possible air date. In the meantime, we can one punch the anticipation off by reading the manga.

TheBitbag previously reported that Saitama might face off against Lord Boros yet again, as season one ended ambiguously with a cliffhanger. Is Saitama truly more powerful than Lord Boros? We are sure to expect a much more heated rematch between the two, now that both characters probably have surely become much stronger since their last battle.

We can also expect two new major villains this second season – Garou and Amai Mask ? with the former being a disciple of Bang and a human monster, and the latter a Rank 1 Class A Hero. If this fight happens, it will be a great plot twist that strays away from the manga series.

The animated series is a hysterical action comedy that gives fans like us an opportunity to experience what it feels to have unlimited power, and hopefully we get to see where else this power can take us soon. One Punch Man Season 2 will be premiering soon. Manga series ongoing. Keep updated on The Bitbag for more anime and manga news!

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