One Punch Man Season 2 Update: Will Saitama Fall In Love & Get Caught In A Love Triangle?

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Several predictions have already surfaced around the internet regarding One Punch Man Season 2, but it seems like the most interesting one is the possible love triangle in the installment that will involve the main protagonist, Saitama.

It can be recalled that in season 1, the anime series mainly focused on the action part of the story with a lot of fights occurring between Saitama and several foes. However, recent reports suggest that the second season would not be just about the battles, because there is a prediction that it will have a romantic angle.

In relation, fans are expecting Saitama?s love interest to be someone familiar, who they already met in the first installment. Aside from having a girlfriend, Saitama will also have a rival on his love interest, which could turn out to be an enemy in the series.

Speaking of the villains, One Punch Man Season 2 is also reported to feature three major enemies. First on the list is Lord Boros. The character has already been defeated by Saitama in the first season, but he is expected to return in the series to make his revenge against the main protagonist.

Aside from the returning villain, Amai Mask is also predicted to be battling Saitama in the second season. Back in the first installment, he was introduced as the highest ranked Class-A hero who is opposing the Hero Association and its program allowing heroes to go out into the wild and do as they like.

Lastly, Garou is going to be introduced in the anime series. According to some descriptions, he is a former student of the S-Class hero Silver Fang, a powerful martial arts expert who uses the infamous ?Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.? Also, Garou will start his quest on eliminating every hero in the Association which will lead to facing Saitama.

Meanwhile, One Punch Man Season 2 is expected to premiere in October, which is months earlier than what was previously announced early 2017 release. It is a result of illustrator Yusuke Murata?s efforts of finishing the installment as soon as possible.

Do you think Saitama would really meet his love interest in the second season? Will he finally find his match in the three villains mentioned? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more updates about anime, stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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