One Punch Man Season 2 Update: To Be Released This July?

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Amidst rumors about the possible 2017 release for One Punch Man Season 2, recent reports are suggesting that the installment is going to premiere earlier than what was predicted. Could it be possible that it is going to take place this month?

It was previously speculated that the second season of the anime series is not going to be available this year, and instead, it is going to be out early next year. However, different publications have noted that the upcoming installment is going to be released later this year, October to be exact.

As of now, there is no confirmation whether or not the much-awaited second season will start airing in October, but what is definite is that the english dubbed adaptation of the first season is going to run this month on Toonami. Adult Swim was the one who announced at the Anime Expo that the anime series is indeed going to be available on Toonami starting July 16, and it will last for two weeks.

But speaking of the One Punch Man Season 2 release date, it is believed to be really happening this October. This after several news portals mentioned that creator Yusuke Murata has doubled his efforts in finishing the second season of the anime series. According to reports, Murata increased his pace in drawing so the next installment will be available before 2016 ends.

In addition, the anime series? Season 2 is expected to feature three new villains that Saitama, the main protagonist, will have to face. TheBitbag previously reported that the first major villain that would be present in the installment is Garou. He appears to be the strongest villain to ever appear in the franchise.

Aside from Garou, Amai Mask and Lord Boros are the other two villains that are expected to go up against our hero. It can be recalled that Lord Boros has already been defeated by Saitama in Season 1. However, he is expected to come back in the second season to avenge his defeat.

On the other hand, Amai Mask is going to attack the Hero Association as part of his revenge against the organization. This will eventually lead him to facing Saitama who will try to protect the association.

How about you? When do you think the One Punch Man Season 2 will be released? Do you believe that the installment will feature three major villains? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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