One Punch Man Season 2 Update: King’s Identity To Be Revealed? New Season Out In November?

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Fans have been enduring the pain of not being able to watch One Punch Man for almost three months now after its first season ended last December. But, worry no more, because according to a recent report, Season 2 will probably be out within this year and it will be unveiling a character?s identity and new major villains.

According to KPop Starz, the true identity of King is going to be revealed in Season 2. The outlet described the character, which they based in the manga series of the show, as a Class S Rank 7 hero. He is also known as Earth?s strongest man, which will definitely raise some brows of Saitama?s fans.

However, supporters of the main hero should not get riled up because according to the same report, Saitama and King are going to be friends when the former finds out that the latter is a great fan of video games; and, it will lead to the two characters playing together from time to time. Plus, King is also rumored to be not that amazing when it comes to fighting his enemies. Apparently, the machine-type noise people hear when he is in a showdown is just his heart pounding hard because of fear.

Knowing that King is going to be an ally of Saitama, let us now discuss the next possible major villain in One Punch Man Season 2.

In our previous report, it was revealed that Saitama is finally going to have a showdown, which the fans have been wishing for, against a hero who matches him, and that is Garou. The character is a former student of the S-Class hero, Silver Fang. Although he is a powerful martial arts expert and a very unique fighter, his mentor was forced to kick him out after he caused chaos in the team. Garou is now said to be eyeing to kill all the heroes in the planet, which is obviously going to end up in a faceoff between him and Earth?s mightiest hero, Saitama.

Also, as mentioned in a separate previous report of ours, another hero that could be the major enemy in the second season is Amai Mask, who is originally part of the Hero Association. The character is a Class A Rank 1 hero but he will allegedly join the dark side in Season 2 as he is seeking revenge against the organization for the destroyed city. It is also speculated that the fight between Saitama and Amai Mask is going to happen before the latter jumps to the Class S level.

Although creator Murata Yusuke previously announced that they already started developing the second season, it is still unclear when is its exact date of release. However, rumor has it that the release is likely to happen in November or December this year.

Supporters of One Punch Man have been waiting for Season 2 and with this brand new information about the upcoming installment, their excitement will definitely grow. What do you think would happen in the second season? And, who do you think would be the next major enemy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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