One Punch Man Season 2 Update: Installment to Have 12 Episodes? To be Released in October?

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Fans of Saitama across the globe have waited for quite some time now for the release of the One Punch Man Season 2, but according to recent reports, the wait is going to be worth it because the installment will run a little longer than the first season. Also, it is predicted to be released earlier than early 2017.

It can be recalled that the first season only had 10 episodes to offer, which left the fans wanting more. Now, several reports revealed that the upcoming installment will have a total of 12 episodes as producers eye to cover several story arcs based on the manga series.

Speaking of the story arcs, the second season is expected to feature three major villains going up against the main protagonist, Saitama. The first installment ended with a satisfying duel between Saitama and Lord Boros, wherein the latter suffered a defeat. However, he is expected to return in the upcoming season to take on Saitama for the second time.

Aside from Lord Boros, One Punch Man Season 2 is also going to showcase the powers of Amai Mask and Garou. The former is said to be the highest ranked Class-A hero who was seen in Season 1 opposing the Hero Association and its program allowing heroes to go out into the wild and do as they like. As a result, he will challenge the association which will lead him to battling Saitama.

Meanwhile, the release date of the second season is expected to take place earlier than what was previously announced. According to recent reports, instead of an early 2017 release, the installment will premiere this coming October and it is because of the creator?s increased pace in drawing. Although there are still no confirmation from the producers, it is still something to watch out for three months from now.

There you have it! The latest details on One Punch Man Season 2. Do you think it would be available in October? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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