One Punch Man Season 2 Trailer Soon As ONE Releases OVA? Story Arc for Next Installment Revealed?

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Fans are hopeful that One-Punch Man Season 2 Trailer might be expected soon as ONE Original Video Anime (OVA) episode 5 trailer has already been released. The second season of the anime series is highly anticipated to run this 2016. However, most reports are simply speculations on the date.

Anime News Network says Bandai Namco has released the promotional video of One-Punch Man Original Video Anime episode 5 on Thursday. The said OVA is written by the original author of the manga series, ONE. According to ANN, the OVA?s plot focuses on ?Genos and Fubuki happen to get on the same train, and they are contacted by the hero association to find a bomb that has been planted on one of the cars.? The DVD and Blu-ray volume will be available on April 22.

As for the anime series, recent updates of One-Punch Man season 2 revolve on new characters, particularly villains and the plot of the next installment. Kpopstarz says that Saitama and the rest of the members of the Hero Association will be facing an archenemy named Garou. However, he is not the only one that poses a threat to the metropolis of Z city.

As for the plot, talks have it that One-Punch Man season 2 will follow the Hero Hunt Arc of the manga. If this is true, manga followers know that this arc has 7 chapters. It is also a given fact that some characters like Bang, Axcel, and Raiden are very visible in this arc. The anime fans will be learning too about the new association called ?Hunters.?

According to Vine Report, Saitama will be showcasing his ?serious punch? in One-Punch Man season 2. It has been argued that in season 1, Saitama didn?t unleash his powerful punch yet. When he defeated Boros, it was just still a fraction of his power. This discussion has been heating up in Reddit. But whether Saitama did or did not use his powerful punch in season 1, it would be cool to see him use it whenever he is fighting any villain. He is the titular character for the very reason that he could knock down anyone with one punch, even the strongest enemy, using his signature move.

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