?One Punch Man? Season 2 Spoilers: Civil War Coming Next Season?

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One Punch Man Season 2 Spoilers

?One Punch Man? season 2 is something which many anime fans have been looking forward to ever since the ?One Punch Man? Season 1 ended. The very popular manga which was adapted to anime was really well-received and countless fans are really excited what will be in store for our hero for the upcoming season.

As of the moment there is no release date yet for ?One Punch Man? season 2 but according to Vine Report a release later this year is still likely given that Yusuke Murata, the manga?s re-release artist, has promised that he will work to push for the Season 2 release. The same report even mentioned that there have been rumors which say that the team behind the popular new anime has already started producing the second season.

With the second season of One Punch Man supposedly already in the works, the next question is what will the new season have in store for us. According to CrossMap, there may be a ?civil wars? type plot this season which will be between the Hero Association and the Hero Hunters like Saitama and Genos. Also, the same report mentions that Garou could be making his first appearance in the anime.

For those who haven?t read the manga yet, Garou is considered as Saitama?s strongest enemy. He is actually a former student of another S-Class Hero, Fang. While Fang was able to teach Garou on how to be strong, the latter eventually preferred the path of evil and thus he was later ex-communicated by his sensei.

How strong will Garou actually be and will our heroes stand a chance against him? Will Saitama finally be able to reach the next hero class in his drive to become a true hero? All the answers to these questions will be revealed when ?One Punch Man? season 2 finally releases later this year so stay tuned.

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