One Punch Man Season 2 Spoilers: Amai Mask Will Be Too Strong For Saitama?

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The heat is on for One Punch Man Season 2 as spoilers reveal more of Amai Mask who is expected to give our hero a hard time. If fans think that Lord Boros was the most powerful, strongest, and meanest villain that Saitama has encountered, then they got it all wrong. Fans have yet to see who Amai Mask is.

Rumors are circling in the net that Amai Mask is going to test Saitama?s one-punch strength. His character is said to be introduced in when One Punch Man returns for its second season. It might be hard to believe that Amai Mask is too strong for Saitama. But what do you know about him?

In, a brief description of Amai Mask was published including his short profile. His profile states that he is 100% human. In fact, aside from being a superhero, he is also a model, actor, and a singer. Amai is ranked #1 in A-Class level at the same time he is affiliated with the Hero Association. He appears to be a good guy and no one would think that he will become Saitama?s number 1 nemesis.

However, appearance can be very deceiving. The One-Punch Man fans are also mystified by the rumors that Amai Mask would be Saitama?s strongest opponent in season 2.

Some fans took their ranting on Reddit. There is a special thread under the subreddit, titled ?That Amai mask A**hole: OnePunchMan.? There are many who want to know more about him. Some doubt if he could be the real villain in season 2. Reddit user Christenlanger said that even if Amai?s power has not been revealed in the source material, but he displays excellent fighting abilities and regenerative capabilities.

Besu also revealed that in the manga series of One-punch man, Amai is polarizing figure and is very totalitarian. His character is not really likeable plus he looks intimidating too.

How about you? Do you think Amai Mask is too strong for Saitama? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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