One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date: Anime Coming Out November? Saitama’s Rival To Emerge?

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One Punch Man Season 2 may almost be on its way with the series set to return with more exciting opponents and incredible fights. There?s still no official details for the release date for ?One Punch Man?, but rumors have indicated that the next season is expected to show in November or December 2016, according to Lawyer Herald.

One Punch Man Season 2

Creator Murata Yusuke previously announced that the anime is already in development, but the creator still hasn?t officially confirmed the details for a November or December release. Although Yusuke hasn?t officially confirmed the release of the anime series, fans should expect ?One Punch Man? to introduce new heroes, villains, and even new moves from Saitama?s ?Serious Punch Series.?

Amai Mask vs Saitama?

Amai Mask, the Class A Rank 1 hero, is also reported to have a special role for One Punch Man season 2. MNR Daily reported that Saitama may have to fight Amai Mask and could be the strongest hero/villain in the season. Details are still unknown regarding why Amai Mask will be forced to fight Saitama. However, speculations have surfaced that Amai Mask may test Saitama before he jumps to the Class S level.

Hero Killer Garou?

Aside from Amai Mask, One Punch Man season 2 should be more interesting since Saitama might also finally meet his match. The Earth?s strongest hero has been wishing for a chance to fight an opponent as strong as him, and he may eventually get what he wants. It was previously reported that a new villain will also be focused in the next season, but he won?t be from another planet.

Yibada shared that a villain named Garou will be introduced and will supposedly be a former student of the S-Class hero Silver Fang, a powerful martial arts expert who uses the infamous ?Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.? Garou was said to be a ?troubled youth? that was more inclined to do evil than good, which eventually forced his master to banish him.

It would then be discovered that Garous is planning to kill all the heroes, which will then force Saitama to stop and fight him before he makes a rampage.

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