?One Punch Man? Season 2 Release Date Update: Next season In 2017? Check Reasons Here

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Can?t get over with One Punch Man Season 1?

Well, welcome to the One Punch Man fandom. You have just been hit by the syndrome that is engulfing the anime world in today?s generation.

And by now, we are sure, you guys want more. Of course, one season will never be enough for this kind of classic manga. So the good news is, it?s confirmed that there will be a One Punch Man Season 2.

Bad news is, it might take a little bit longer than expected. Reports have been circulating about the possible release date of the next installment of the hit anime series. Some are guessing it will be unveiled during the middle of this year while others are predicting later dates with some mentioning 2017 (that?s 2 freaking years of waiting!).

So, what?s the final release date? No definite date yet but and though it is painful to think about, it appears that we all have to wait for a year or two for the continuation of the epic One Punch Man series.

We earlier reported that the 2nd season might be released in November this year however, rumors have been circulating that the release will be extended due to several reasons. The first reason is financial shortage. Despite its successful first season run, the creative team of the anime series has to work with a limited budget, based on the report of

Another possible cause of delay is the other commitments of members of the creative team including the manga creator. Thus, the work is being hampered due to lack of time. In an article of Youth Health, the OPM?s manga creator has also doing other projects that may result in a lack of time for the anime series production.

It should be noted that the OPM creator is currently working with a new anime, ?Mob Psycho 100.? It is being directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa of ?Death Parade.? The character design, on the other hand, is being handled by OPM?s animation director Yoshimichi Kameda, reports revealed.

The series animators, as posted in the story of sportsrageous, are also speculated to be working on a story arc for adaptation.

Despite all these hurdles, Murata Yusuke assured the diehard fans of One Punch Man that his team is now working on the second season.

So for now, why not read our season 2 spoilers here.?

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