One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date Rumors: Saitama Punching In October?

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It has been a while since the first season of ?One Punch Man? has officially ended with the release of the last episode titled ?The Strongest Hero.? Hoping that they will get to see more of Saitama, rumors are spreading that ?One Punch Man? will likely continue its second season but is expected for an October release. Here are some One Punch Man season 2 release date rumors to fuel your craving.

Fans may have had enough waiting and are already clamoring for the release of the next season. So how long before we see ?One Punch Man? season 2? Vine Report has indicated that the anime could be releasing in October and that more details will be revealed during the Anime Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 1 to 4.

One Punch Man Season 2 Release Date Rumors

Unfortunately, we may have to wait a while before we get to watch the next season due to its manga counterpart getting closer. Since the ?One Punch Man? manga is close behind the anime series, the show might be forced to wait and give the manga a head start before they can continue season 2.

On the other hand, Movie News Guide shared that One Punch Man season 2 release date rumors have suggested that it could be released in early January.

New villain?

Fans will also have the chance to see Saitama beat the heck out of villains as details about the next season have stated that Saitama will be facing strong enemies that could be a challenge to Earth?s strongest hero.

Yibada shared that a villain named Garou will be introduced and will supposedly kill all of the heroes at the Hero Association. Reports have also indicated that he is a former student of the S-Class hero Silver Fang, a powerful martial arts expert who uses the infamous ?Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.?


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