One Punch Man Season 2 Release Confirmed! Possible Date, Major Rumors, What We Know So Far

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One Punch Man Season 2 Release Confirmed!

Okay guys, this is legit and official. No more relying on rumors or speculations of any sort. This is not some click bait headline either. Finally, our favorite bald hero will be back on our TV screens for a second season of mind blowing plots, hilarious antics, crazy villains and ?relentless, gut- punching action. See the official announcement of One Punch Man Season 2 below.

The anime series One Punch Man, which first aired last October 2015 and ended December of the same year, has gotten fans reeling and asking, ?Can?t One Punch Man Season 2 come any sooner??? Season 1 had ended with Saitama going at it with Lord Boros in an excitingly wild and destructive battle. Saitama was thrown into the moon and had to ?serious serious punch? Lord Boros to defeat him. The fast-paced fight scenes in this 24-minute finale episode ?The Strongest Hero? had fans gasping for one more ?puuuuuuuuunchhh!!?

However, OPM creator Yusuke Murata has been preoccupied with other anime projects. Rumors surfaced that One Punch Man Season 2 has been cancelled or delayed indefinitely.

Well, wait no more because One Punch Man Season 2 is confirmed and will start on its production.

In the meantime, we can one punch the anticipation off by reading the manga and watching season one English dub on Toonami.

The news of season 2 was announced during the One Punch Man Festival event that was held Sunday, September 25 in Saitama, Japan.

It was previously reported that Saitama might face off against Lord Boros yet again, as season one ended ambiguously with a cliffhanger. Is Saitama truly more powerful than Lord Boros? We are sure to expect a much more heated rematch between the two, now that both characters have surely become much stronger since their last battle.

One Punch Man Season 2 Release Confirmed!

Though no official news yet as to when exactly in 2017 OPM 2 will air, it?s still good to know that it?s coming right? You can get updates by visiting from time to time or by staying tuned here on The BitBag.

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