One Punch Man Season 2: What You Need To Know Before You Watch This Season

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After the huge success of its 1st season run, fans are now actively waiting for the premiere of One-Punch Man Season 2. Now, if you?ve been hiding under a rock and have just heard about this, here are some things that you need to know before watching the next season.

Judging from the title alone, the titular character Saitama is known for his strong punch power. With just one punch, his enemy gets knock down. You can only imagine that every fight is totally not a challenge for him.

If you happen to read some articles like the one from ORZZZZ, it is true that Saitama is not happy with his power. You might say that it?s something that drives him crazy. A man who is freaking strong must be pleased with his ability to knock down an opponent with one punch. Nobody would dare cross him. That?s what you?d think but unfortunately, he lives in a place and time where all sorts of villains are lurking about. So, you get to see a mix of the best and funniest fights rolled into one. Like everyone says, it?s the best of both worlds – action and comedy.

But of course, you need to know that it?s not a smooth-sailing happy life for the titular superhero. He is not famous in his hometown. In fact, he is not acknowledged as the superhero, but a C-class, based on the Hero Association ranking. He also lives in a small, secluded apartment all by himself until he meets Geno, his only cyborg friend and disciple.

iDigitaTimes says One-punch man is the kind of show that any anime lover should watch because not only is it funny and with great visuals, but it also is a moving series. ?One Punch Man kind of makes you think about things.? Fans get to reflect on things that truly matter in life. For example, there is this scene when Saitama contemplates his purpose in life. ?He struggles to find meaning in his actions and strives only to feel any emotion.? This simple scenario is very authentic and relatable to what real people also feel. People despair or even feel like outcasts.

Isn?t this anime series very meaty? Do you agree that it doesn?t only entertain but also teach you about the importance of existence?

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