One Punch Man Season 2 Airdate Rumors: October Airing Eyed?

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While it?s clear how ?One Punch Man? creator Yusuke Murata wanted to finish the second season of the series, whether he will be able to finish it on time has been the question on everyone?s minds, as his health is already being questioned. But according to Hofmag, there doesn?t seem to be any reason to worry as a reliable source revealed that Murata has started working on One Punch Man Season 2 at a faster space, which bodes well for his promise of delivering the anime series in time. In fact, it was also mentioned that he has worked non-stop, with few breaks in between, just to see his work come to life.

As it starts to dawn on people who are looking closely on the development of the One Punch Man Season 2 that Murata is working hard on finishing the project, the focus has now shifted to Pierrott Studio keeping up on the said project. After all, if the studio can?t keep up with Murata?s pace, then his work may end up being useless. All that said, rumors have been suggesting an October airing for One Punch Man Season 2.

Meanwhile, Anime Expo has announced the participation and appearance of One Punch Man on the upcoming event on July 2, 2016. Also, it was also announced that the show will finally have a English dub, which fans of the anime series have been waiting for. It?s been quite some time now since fans began wondering if there?s ever going to be a One Punch Man English dub, instead of the English dub it currently has. Aside from this announcement, One Punch Matsuri will also be at the even, trying to entice the fans with their heroic acts and escapades.

One Punch Man is about a superhero named Saitama. Saitama?s super powers involve defeating villains using his ?One Punch? power. Long after he defeated his foes, Saitama discovers that his superpower can be very boring and so he roams to find more powerful opponents.

After he joins the Heroes Association, he suddenly becomes one of the most disliked superheroes on the team. Partly because he was able to overcome the highest in the highest ranks and also, his plain physical features do not make him stand out as a hero.

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