?One Punch Man? Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers: Amai Mask to Lead the New Villains, Saitama Will Have a Girlfriend?

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One Punch Man Season 2 release date remains to be a much anticipated announcement. Madhouse and Toonami released no updates yet. But fans remain patient. And although the wait seems to be tough, it could be worth it.

The upcoming season of One Punch Man is said to be filled with action. Based on the spoilers, there will be more mighty villains. One of the best foes to expect is Amai Mask. He is one of the top ranking members of the Hero Association. Given this fact, it is not hard to believe that Amai Mask is not going to be easy for Saitama. He could experience the best fight of his life when they cross paths.

But what fans are actually excited to see is Saitama?s alleged love life. Rumor has it that the fan favorite character could finally find love in One Punch Man season 2.

The next season of One Punch Man seems to be a fulfilment of fans? wish list. It will be introducing villains that are more powerful to bring greater challenges to the hero. And more importantly, it will show how Saitama will be as a boyfriend.

Clearly, the next season will not only be about fights. Saitama?s love life could be a breath of fresh air. Saitama?s girlfriend could be introduced early. In fact, fans could have a glimpse of her as soon as season 2 finally arrives.

Writers of the hit Japanese anime series opted not to include a romantic angle on the first season. But despite this fact, it was a huge success. Thus we could only expect the next season to be better.

One Punch Man season 1 was more on battles and defeating a salvo of strong antagonists. Saitama had to deal with a fight with Lord Boros. In the second installment, Saitama will be presented as a strong fighter, as well as a romantic lover. For many fans, it is definitely a great thing to look forward to.

It looks like the biggest challenge for Saitama in season 2 is time management. He will be dealing with a lot of new villains, and needs to take care of his love life at the same time.

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