One Punch Man, Gundam And More: Top 5 Anime Series That You Should Watch This Fall

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A new set of anime series are already halfway on their season, but you can still catch up as we bring you our five picks of those you shouldn?t miss this fall.

Yep more anime series are coming every season, and each season has some awesome series that you should not miss. So for this Fall, we listed out five of our favorites that are already airing so you can have enough time to catch up.

One-Punch Man

Based on the hit manga, this series does not have any major plot twists, the seeing an overpowered hero complaining that he is overpowered and not being popular to his city is hilarious. There are tons of epic fight scenes and some quirky moments that will give a ton of chuckles. If you are into action-pack and comedic series, there you should not miss One-Punch Man.

Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans

This year, the gundam franchise is going back to a much darker setting. In a world where a 300-year Calamity War between Earth and Mars, where a group of child soldiers must protect a Martian princess who is the key for Mars? independence. It?s a classic space opera drama with the good old fashioned mecha, and yes, every protagonist?s mecha is always overpowered. A must for any Gundam or mecha fans.

Lupin III

Lupin is back once again with an all-new series. The new series is set entirely in Italy, which still have the same comical and thrilling adventures of Lupin and his crew which composes of Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko. And the new progress to the story is that Lupin is now married to an Italian debutante who is also an adrenaline junkie who loves action.

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako?s Investigations

It is about a genius lady in her mid-twenties that fond of observing bones and her new assistant which is a high school boy. This has that kind of forensic crime drama similar that from the Bones crime drama series. And each episode shows a new case where the two must solve the mystery. It?s interesting and engaging especially if you are into crime drama series.


The fourth season of the Monogatari series, it focuses once more on a teenage boy that is helping strangers that are being attacked by strange creatures. It has an amazing art style and a good blend of comedy to keep phase engaging. Though it is recommended that you have to watch the previous seasons to fully understand the story, but once you are on track, the series is very entertaining.

If you have some anime series that are released this Fall, be sure to leave a comment below.

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