One Punch Man Episode 10 Spoilers: S-Class Heroes To Make Appearance? Guess Who Will Die

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Earth and its heroes may face a great disaster in the next episode of ?One Punch Man.? Rumors are spreading that Saitama might finally face a foe equal to his powers and that Earth will be destroyed by a threat considered to be ?God level? that will need the help of all the S-Class heroes.

We saw in the last episode an old lady, named Lady Shibabawa, fretting about an incoming danger that would destroy Earth and can?t be stopped by anyone. What made it more dangerous is that Lady Shibabawa is a sorceress that can predict the future with her crystal ball and that all her predictions apparently comes true.

S-Class heroes to come out?

The next episode of ?One Punch Man,? titled ?Unparalleled Peril,? would introduce all the S-Class heroes and will be summoned at the main headquarters in which they will be briefed about the upcoming disaster. It was also rumored that after Lady Shibabawa predicted the apocalypse that would happen, she passed away because of unknown reasons. ?The official higher-ups from the hero organization would tell the S-Classes that, ?although the prophet has only been able to see a fraction of future events, her predictions are proven to be 100% accurate.?

Reports have also revealed that the enemy they will be facing would be the ?Sky King,? and that he would be the newest enemy that is classified as a threat higher than demon or dragon. The heroes would have half a year to prepare for the upcoming battle to defend the world from a threat that would be strong enough to destroy earth.

Other spoilers include a scene of Saitama with Genos and two other heroes named Samurai and Tornado. They would mock Saitama and his low status as a B-Class hero.

Will there finally be an enemy that can defeat the power of Saitama? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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