?One Punch Man? Anime Series Plot And Live Stream Links: Why Fans Can?t Get Enough Of It

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This new anime should be on your watch list this season as it is making waves to both otakus and viewers who are into crazy actions, One-Punch Man follows the story of Saitama, a hero that can easily defeat his enemy with a single punch. The series was created by pseudonym ONE (that is his pen name) and started as a manga (Japanese comic books) in 2009, the manga was self-published and became a series hit as it reaches 7.9 million hits on 2012. Soon after it received a manga remake treatment and was illustrated by Yusuke Murata; who is also known for illustrating the Eyeshield 21 manga. The One-Punch Man remake started its publication on 2012 at the Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine, it then received an English serialization out of Japan. Finally it was given an anime adaptation treatment this year with Madhouse handling the animation.

Now with 5 episodes, One-Punch Man has earned a lot of praises from both anime fans and pop culture fans, even before the anime was released, the manga has been receiving such a large reception it had millions of manga copies in circulation in Japan. So what makes this series a must watch?

It is because it has a simple plot, though it may look bland when hearing it, but once you start reading the manga or watching the anime, it will keep you hooked, like the same experience you had when reading super hero comic books. The mix of comedy and intense action makes the series more entertaining, and easy to understand as well. And thanks to the incredible animation work at Madhouse, the action scenes are very fluid and intense.

You can watch One-Punch Man via streaming from Daisuki and Viz, you can also watch it on AnimeLab if you are in Australia

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