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One Plus X Price, Launch Date And Features: New Rumors Surface For This Much-awaited Smartphone

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OnePlus is getting set and ready to reveal their new device headlining nextweek as they teased on Twitter a picture of what could be the official OnePlus X. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will be holding a London event for the new handset and we can only assume that the latest twitter teaser of the company will be the new OnePlus X.

Rumored design and Specs

The One Plus X is rumored to be close to $250 and will have a wide array of fresh design and mid-range specs, according to Techno Buffalo. The smartphone will have a 5-inch 1080p display together with a Snapdragon 801 processor, a quad-core with 2GHz, a 13-megapixel camera for the rear side and 8-megapixels in front, 3GB of RAM plus 16GB of storage. One Plus X may also have an installed NFC, ?a quick charging battery and a water-resistant build,? posted by Techno Buffalo.

Leaked photo of OnePlus X


It was recently reported that leaked photos of the smartphone, also known as E1001, were surfaced on the internet that revealed additional info for the handheld device. And based on the images, OnePlus X will also be likely to have a 2.5D arc edge, much like the previously released Oppo R7s. It will have a USB Type-C connecter and likely to support 4G LTE. Buyers will also have the choice of a black or white color scheme for the smartphone, according to Tech Times.

Every design and specs of the One Plus X surfacing online are still rumors and just speculations and although OnePlus X might not be a flagship device for the company, it still has a top-of-the-line feel to it. There?s still one week to go before the new smartphone debuts in London, so OnePlus still has a lot of time to advertise the device before the show.

The brand new OnePlus X smartphone launches on October 29th

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