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Pirate games are becoming more and more popular. Aside from Ubisoft’s Sea of Thieves, there’s another pirate-themed title to look out for. For years, One Piece fans have wondered how it would be like to traverse the sees with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. The questions behind that fantasy could be answered soon with a One Piece VR game coming to the PlayStation VR.

Two new One Piece games have been announced, reports Gematsu. Among the two titles, the most interesting one has to be a One Piece VR titled One Piece Grand CruiseThough VR games aren’t that something to be all hyped up about, fans of the manga series are still going to be looking forward to this upcoming title.

There’s very little known about the upcoming One Piece VR title yet. The genre, release date and pricing of the game has to be announced yet but we can get to see more of that game during a playable demo coming on July 22. The demo will be available at the Tokyo One Piece Tower event in Tokyo Tower and it can be played by up to eight users at once.

As speculated by Gematsu, the One Piece VR game could focus solely on the players interacting with the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates. Magazine stills of the upcoming title reveal a first-person perspective of a ship. Based on the title and the stills, One Piece Grand Cruise could focus a lot on exploration.

The other One Piece title announced is something considered as unprecedented as it has never been done to the franchise before. All we know about the upcoming title for now is that it’s code named Dawn. Gematsu also notes that it’s a huge game that will borrow content from the anime series.

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