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One Piece: Thousand Storm Release Date Confirmed For US! Get In-Game Rewards For Android And iOS Game

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Fans of the hit anime/manga series One Piece will be more than excited once they hear of this news. Following the anime’s hit movie, the One Piece: Thousand Storm game for Android and iOS is now coming to Western countries. It will feature a multiplayer role-playing style of game for your mobile devices.

Bandai Namco is responsible for publishing the game in the West. They also brought you the game Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto. Their Twitter post revealed that the One Piece: Thousand Storm release date is set to be around winter of this year.

Furthermore, pre-registration for the game is already available for players who would want to have first dibs on the upcoming app. The early birds who are fortunate enough to register before the One Piece: Thunder Storm release date will also have special bonuses in store for them. These bonuses includes three berry cards and five rainbow coins for the first 50,000 people who will be pre-registering. Meanwhile, the first 100,000 people will get to have three Trafalgar Law Medals and five rainbow coins.

The app is set to be available for both iOS and Android. The RPG will start off with your main characters. These include Luffy D. Monkey, Nami, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp. As you progress along the game, you will be able to collect more characters to complete your Straw Hat Pirate cast.

The gameplay itself is very easy to maneuver in. Using flicking motion, you can either dodge or attack during battles. A virtual button will also be available. This will allow your characters to perform complex attack and even combos during their fights.

Another thing to look forward to is the addition of Luffy’s “Gear Fourth” transformation. This attack is said to deal massive damage to you enemies. Other notable techniques to looks forward to are the “Hiken Fire Fist” of Sabo and Ace, the “Gamma Knife” of Law and “Birdcage” of Doflamingo.

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The One Piece: Thousand Storm release date is yet to be finalized. The game will be set in a 3D style of environment. This will allow the gamers to fully appreciate the whole gaming experience. This is indeed a great way to commemorate the franchise’s 20th year anniversary.

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