One Piece Manga Updates for 2017: 20th Anniversary; Manga Might Be Ending

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One Piece Manga Updates

One Piece Manga creator, Eiichiro Oda, has confirmed through promo newspaper, Dai One Piece Shinbun, that his popular anime series is almost 65% complete. And by 2017, the Straw Hats will also be celebrating its 20th anniversary, which may just indicate that fans of the series are in for very big things next year.

During the recent Jump Festa event, followers of One Piece were treated to some spoilers and teasers for what looks to be the next 20-25 chapters left in the Whole Cake Island arc. Oda also dropped some hints that next year will also carry the run into the Reverie council of kings and Wano land of the samurai arcs.

Photos of the Jump Festa were also shared online by Crunchyroll.

Current Chapter Update

Meanwhile, current questions of fans about the ongoing Big Mom and Whole Cake Island arc were somewhat answered in chapter 850 of the manga. One was Carrot and Chopper figuring out how to escape from the mirror realm.

On the flip side, Pedro and Baron also commenced with their battle, while Sanji ended up cooking for his future wife. Sanji was on his way to surprise his fiance, however, his giddy spirit was immediately shattered upon seeing Pudding with Reiju.

Another reveal was that Pudding is apparently planning something sinister when she also announced that ?everything was going according to plan.? This has also led fans to believe that Pudding was the one who injured Reiju in chapter 849.

In One Piece manga 850, Sanji eavesdrops on Pudding and Reiju. He then learns about Pudding?s evil nature and Big Mom?s big plan. The Charlottes plan to massacre the entire Vinsmoke family to acquire their clone army.

See more spoilers for One Piece Manga 851 here (i will link this to my spoiler article).

With Oda saying that the adventure manga series is around 65% complete, fans say that it will perhaps end during its 20th anniversary. Let?s find out soon!

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