One Piece Manga 830: Big Mom To Suffer Eating Disorder; Straw Hat Pirates In Trouble Trying to Save Pekoms

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And the battle continues for the Straw Hat pirates in the forthcoming One Piece Manga Chapter 830. Here?s what we know so far:

Reports revealed that the upcoming chapter of the manga series will be focusing on Big Mom being in deep trouble. The antagonist is expected to suffer an eating disorder which will drive her out of her mind. This is on top of the battle that the Straw Hat pirates will be facing against a sea monster. The group is also set to rescue Pekoms who is being held captive.

The said disorder that will hit Big Mom will push her to go crazy if she turns hungry. This means that she might be eating even people as the disease also impaired her from differentiating what to eat and not. So it is interesting to know who will be the unfortunate characters, if there?s any, that will be her victims.

It should be noted that there are instances when Big Mom will extract the soul of one of her children if she becomes hungry. ?Although tame when full, the monstrous Big Mom can cause extreme chaos once she gets hungry. She is capable of destroying a place like what she did in the capital of Whole Cake Island before.

Big Mom has been considered a witch by many given her unusual strength if hungry. She has a weird stomach acid power which enables her to eat even souls.

Meanwhile, One Piece Manga 830 will also show the fight of Straw Hat Pirates against the sea monster who will try to halt them in saving Pekoms. Some reports bared that the chapter will also be showing Pekoms being held by two pirates off a ship. Jinbe will be the one who will narrate the relation of the abducted character to the Straw Hat pirates.

It is now interesting to see whether the group will be able to successfully save Pekoms and defeat the sea monster. Is Jinbe the person behind the abduction of Pekom? We will know in chapter 830.

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