One Piece Live Action Film Coming Soon?

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After Shanghai Minghuan Investment Co., Ltd. acquired the copyright of the popular Japanese manga One Piece, they also announced that a plan for a subsequent One Piece live action film will follow. According to Business Wire, the Chinese company Shanghai Minghuan bought ?One Piece? for 1.6 billion Yen or approximately US$15.1 million from the manga artist and owner Eiichiro Oda.

It was also mentioned that the acquisition of the manga series will inevitably turn things around for the fans who have been wishing for a One Piece live action film, but seem to have been deprived of it due to copyright issues. Prior to the deal, plans to have the manga series put into film seemed bleak, but now, it looks like there?s no stopping Shanghai Minghuan from making that a reality.

Also, when Goo Ranking made an online survey to see which viewers want to play the character of Monkey D. Fluffy in the film, Masataka Kubota of Japan came first on the survey. Now, it is confirmed by the company that he will be the one to play the role too. What do you think of the character of Charlotte Purin not being played by a Japanese actor? And if that?s not interesting enough, Girl Group GNZ48 member Xie Leilei will play the role of Charlotte Purin.

Meanwhile, Anime News Network shared some news about One Piece: Burning Blood at the recent E3 2016 event. A chance to interview director Hiroyuki Kaneko and series producer Koji Nakajima revealed some of the highlights in the creation of the anime. From Nakajima?s point of view, he said ?One Piece: Burning Blood features a higher level of strategy than past One Piece fighting games with the inclusion of Guard Breaks to counter Logia users with Haki, Range Attacks, and doge steps. However, even though the combat system may be more complex than before we wanted to make sure all level of players could have fun, which is why each character’s special attack, their Devil Fruit ability, can be executed by a single button.?

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