?One Piece: Heart of Gold’ TV Special Coming This July 16

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?One Piece: Heart of Gold? is coming to your TV screens this coming July 16 as part of the prequel story of the upcoming ?One Piece Film Gold.? Airing on the Fuji TV channel, ?One Piece: Heart of Gold? will run from 9:00 to 11:10 PM. According to Crunchyroll, Heart of Gold will feature the original antagonist named Mad Treasure, a character that is also expected to make an appearance in the upcoming One Piece Film Gold.

Shun Oguri (Lupin III, Terraformars and Harlock: Space Pirates) will voice the evil character Mad Treasure. The advance TV screening of One Piece: Heart of Gold has been deliberately scheduled ahead of the July 23 premiere of the One Piece Film Gold in order to properly introduce the storyline of the film version. In a recent report by the Anime News Network, some of the additional characters slated for One Piece Film Gold include:


  • Kiko Mizuhara as Naomi Drunk, a bow user who likes alcohol. The more drunk she is, the more accurate her shots become.
  • Minami Hamabe as Orga Miskina, an immature-looking girl with a bad personality who uses vulgar language.
  • Kiyohiko Shibukawa as Ashie Miskina, a man who looks run-down, but is in fact a scientist of high intelligence.


Some of the few perks included in the opening of One Piece Film Gold include a free deck of cards to first two million theater goers. The deck of playing cards is said to contain some personal illustrations of the manga creator Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece Film Gold is about a treasure hunting expedition by the Straw Hats Pirates. Since knowing the ?Pure Gold? treasure, the pirates led an expedition along with a girl named Olga who knows exactly where the treasure is. The rest of the story will unfold in the the legendary island of Alchemy where the group of pirates will start looking for the treasure.

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