One Piece Film Gold Spoilers: Naruto To Be Part Of The Film For Noodles Endorsement?

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The surprises continue to unravel for the upcoming movie One Piece Film Gold. What?s the new development about the show? Here?s what we have gotten so far:

Rumors have been circulating that the 13th film installment of One Piece will have Naruto in the film. In a report of Crunchyroll, a premium member of AniMatsuri hinted that a tie up between Naruto and One Piece looms as the two might be used to promote noodles.

According to the member, no beef bowl chains will attempt to compete with Myojo Foods Co., Ltd. which tapped Naruto and the movie of the Straw Hat pirates to endorse two flavors of charumera noodles. It must be noted that Naruto love noodles so he might be the one to promote the specific product in One Piece Film Gold.

The One Piece noodles will be available in barbecue soy sauce and pepper seafood flavors while the packaging of the said noodles will be an artwork of the Straw Hat pirates who will all be wearing costumes which they will be using for One Piece Film Gold.

It should be remembered that we have previously reported that the movie will be setting a history in Japan as it is set to be released in 743 movie theaters in the country. This will exceed the number of movie houses ?Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F? aired in. The latter only appeared only in 653 theaters in 2015.

Meanwhile, Anime News Network revealed that the Silver Mine arc is already up for release on June 26, which highlights the story of Luffy and Bartolomeo. It was said that the storyline used in the Silver Mine arc is connected with the forthcoming film.

According to reports, Luffy and Bartolomeo will be abducted by the Silver Pirate Alliance and will be brought to the stronghold of the pirate group, which is a giant silver mine. The two characters will be helping each other to free themselves from the kidnappers.

One Piece Film Gold is targeted to be release on July 23 at Japanese theaters. The creator of One Piece Eiichiro Oda will be playing the role of the show?s executive producer.

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