One Piece Film Gold to Be Released in Australia, Meet The Cast Here

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One Piece Chapter 832
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Fans from western countries now have a chance to enjoy One Piece Film Gold. The movie will be streamed with English subtitles in Australia after an Australia-based company has opted to release One Piece Film Gold in the country. The film is slated to be released on September 3 at Madman Anime Festival.

The said movie obtained positive fan reception in Japan, which is its home country. The film earned US$41.94 million in the box office. Toei Animation predicted that the film was bound to make more than US$56.46 million.

The trailer for One Piece Film Gold was released on its official website last May 2016. Back then, the trailer had no subtitles. When the said movie was screened in five cities, it was released with English and Chinese subtitles. The anime film was enjoyed by viewers in 3D, 4DX and MX4D screenings.

One Piece Film Gold follows the story of Gild Tesoro. Tesoro is a casino legend. He also happens to own the big golden ship Gran Tesoro. His character has consumed the Gol Gol fruit. In addition, Tesoro is a filthy rich man who owns 20 percent of the ?Beli? money in the world.

Kazuhiro Yamaji is the actor who portrays Tesoro. ?Yamaji is popular to many fans because he had also played the role of Kei Karasuma in Kamen Rider Blade. Other cast members that fans are sure to see from One Piece Film Gold are Hikari Mitsushima playing the role of Carina and Gaku Hamada to play Mr. Tanaka.

Carina is a famous and bewildering songstress in Tesoro?s crew. Mr. Tanaka, on the other hand, is a character that has consumed ?nuke nuke? fruit. The ?nuke nuke? fruit gave him special powers. His primary goal in the film is to ensure that Tesoro remains safe.

Another cast members that Australian fans can look forward to meet is Baccarat. The character is played by Nanao. Baccarat has consumed the ?lucky lucky? fruit. She is an escort for the Straw Hat pirates.

Hiroaki Miyamoto is the director of One Piece Film Gold. Tsutomu Kuroiwa wrote its script. ?

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